don't hate me for this, another kamen rider MV

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don't hate me for this, another kamen rider MV

Post  ringeki on Sat Feb 09, 2008 6:31 am

kamen rider hibiki

the 2005 kamen rider made to the most watched japanese new year

show i think is called "red VS white" where all the famous singer sing in

one night to celebrate the coming of new years

what makes the japanese animes better than others all over the world?

the vioce actors and actress should be given the most credits

because every one is taking what they do so seriously

so if you watch anime and don't know even alittle about thier voice actors

or actress.....then learn some of them, the least we can show our respect
to them a job well done!!

hibiki means beats in japanese....

kamen rider blade

kamen rider ryuki (dragon rider)

kamen rider faiz

kamen rider kabuto(beetle)

kamen rider den-o mv i post on earlier posts

kamen rider kiva's mv is not out in full yet

i can give you its op

thats all the kamen rider MV from 2002 till now

the mv before is very old and strange lol so if you don't like this type of

shows, enjoy the cute guys and girls with great music:sunny:
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