here are some characteristics for all classes

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here are some characteristics for all classes

Post  ringeki on Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:16 am

Warrior, most powerful LONG TERM damage class with mad combos

they believe "if you are not gona kill me fast, im gona kill you"

useless so far in PVP because eventhough their skills do more damage,

the skill can not cost in one blow, they are serveral small blows to make

up one skill, so people can heal or use pots during thier skills when costing

Most fun with combo and it is second best in defend

Knight, mad powerful class with the highest defend and not low attack

makes them the best for tanking, soloing, and AoE. they are all-round

fighters with mad powerful skills because the skills can be criticals

Think of 12000 dmg with one blow.... who can stand in thier path?

they believe "i will protect you"

Mage, most powerful SHORT TERM damager of all, they are very powerful

with single blows, thier def is the 3rd last highest of all the classes. they

also have more hp compare to priests and jesters, they are for skilled

players who loves to one shot KO mobs without doing combos, they also

has powerful AoE magic later in the game, they farm very effectively.

However, they will become harder and harder to lvl as thier lvl goes up

, and will be very expensive to play because very time a high lvl spell is

costed, they need use scrolls. They believe "Im dead if i can't kill you in

one shoot"

Jester, Prest, Crafter coming soon
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