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Lost_Profile Rules and Regulation Empty Lost_Profile Rules and Regulation

Post  lost_dewind on Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:31 pm

Guild Rules and Regulation:

1. Strictly Forbid any knind of act which consider or may consider cheating in gameplay.
( which include using or attempt to use any kind of bot program/ tools/ software/ gold spammer website/ powerlevel website... etc) if we found and confrim ones offence this rule, he/she will be banned from guild.

2. Dont simply aggro other guild/ guild member, always be polite to others^^

3. No KS act is allowed... Die to all ks ker =.=

4. No foul word is allowed in game or forum...

5. pls say "hi" or "hello" when u meet other guild member in game.

6. pls think again and agian when u do anything, cause since u are in guild u are not individual but any act of urs may affect the image of our guild^^.

7. Pls be active in guild chat channel^^

8. Lost_Profiles is not a "plv-factory"... ask for plv in guild channel is not allowed.

9. Not allowed to ask for money in guild channel too...

10. If any new guild member didnt log in abv 4 days without giving any reason will be banned from guild... old member no need worry... this rule for new member only...


Ps: E & OE is allowed for admin =.= lll

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