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Post  deliccate on Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:48 am

fisken's map:

This map have I created (not the map though , I just added the levels)

This show you where to go when you are soloing

Send me som correcters if you think a lvl is to high or is to low..
The levels is marked so you can kill 1 monster with just take 1 stone or none (alone and not in party)

1.00 - Original.
1.01 - Fixed low level in FoM and raised max level on Sand Beach (and removed cave's).
1.02 - Raised MT lvl from 25 to 27.
1.03 - Added Burning Rock
2.00 - The New world map, Levels changed a little.
2.01 - Sand Hill explored, confirmed afew rouths to other areas.
2.02 - All Areas added.

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