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rules for guild war Empty rules for guild war

Post  lost_dewind on Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:53 pm

Rules for guild war in Lost_Profile:

1. We will not 1v1. if u want 1v1 pls tell us first then we will have a friendly guild war.

2. Team does not mean bad. Guild war need team work, co-operation... if whole guild war only 1v1 that is not guild war anymore thats called pvp, pk. So we will team kill enemy guild.

3. When guild war start we will depend on situation decide whether we should att or not. If both side online player(who go to war) number are similar we will war each other. If our enemy guild only 1 or less player online we will not att them unless they att us.

4. If any guild war us without warning or we decline war invatation but they still war. we will seek help from our allience adn the guild will be list in enemey guild.(enemy guild means wont res,buff and will war them continuosly)

5. No spwan kill or shoorm kill(including vendor is allowed)

6. If any other guild keep train, keep ks, or attempt to ks in boss kill... we may war them as warning... warning only not to fight them... If they still ignore we will slauther them...

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rules for guild war Empty i wanna do some killing

Post  Darklightmoon on Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:00 am

sounds nice

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