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Post  deliccate on Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:13 am

It's not a Manga, Anime, YouTube link, but is a topic of some interest. It's a book by Stephenie Meyers and has been made into a movie, releasing in December in the US. study

It's a story about teenage romance and vampires. There are some action/adventurous scenes but it's mostly about an emo teenage girl that embarks on an adventure in romance with a 300 year old man stuck in a teenage body. His name is Edward Cullen. Her name is Bella .... (w/e). For me the book is good in capturing your attention because the emo lead character, Bella has me wondering when she will slit her wrists. She sooo downtrodden sometimes I wonder if she will make it till the end of the book. But after finding "love", she's more happy and communicates better. She practically turns into a life-enjoying teenager. Of course, then something happens and your off to the second book in the series: New Moon! Followed by more tragedy: Ellipse and Breaking Dawn. In my opinion the series ended at Ellipse. I wasn't very fond of Edward Cullen as some swooning women are. (Not teenagers! Women are reading this book!) My bf is currently reading this book after my insistence. I wanted his opinion of it. So far he can't stand the Edward Cullen character because: (i) he's not a real man and; (ii) he's not much of a vampire. These vampires are much too love gushing and less lethal for him. But that's of course, all set up in the first book.

So I've taken great liberties and wanted to share the excitement of the book by offering anyone who is interested links where you may download an ereader and ebooks editions of the book. :D you should all bow and thank me!! 8D

For the ereader: just install the mobireadersetup.msi (

For the zip files: then open up (uncompressed or unzipped) the zip folders. Drag and drop each book into the Mobi Reader. It makes reading the books easier on a computer. (

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