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recommonded summer moives Empty recommonded summer moives

Post  ringeki on Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:19 pm

iron man 4/5 some what not as good as the comic

hell boyz 2 5/5 perfect fun and action better than the comic

the love guru 4/5 lol love mike milles, his joke is sick but with deeper meanings, one have to think and then funny first sad later when they think deeper god combination of good and bad jokes, thus like life.

hulk 3.5/5 becuase of the love for the comic and it is better than the ann lee version, still not as good as the comic.

get smart 3.5/5 is funny and the cost is perfect, but some parts can be improved

dark knight 6/5!!! you are correct, i gave it a 6 out of 5 dark knight is not the best movie there was ever created, but a master piece, this movie is created using 3d image which can only be seen in IMAX version and with 3d glasses, omg highly recommanded( omg you guys know how long the line is for this movie??????? i waited for two days)T_T in case you all don;t know whos the dark knight......guess (hint....he is a dc super hero alone with super man, flash, wonder woman...., not the marvel super hero like spidie, tincan, the green ogre, and Mr. using the american flag as his underware guy....)

kufu panda 3.5/5 not as good as they say it is, the cost was not that good, and if you watch lots of asian moives, the fightings are not impressive. fun and good if you like chinese kufu with the combination of a huge panda, recommanded to kids and younger viewers

Here are the movies not recommanded to you

wanted 2/5 ok what the hell was that.....supposed to be a scary movie or something......omg

jouney to the center of the earth 2.5/5.... worst let down ever of the summer....they say it supposed to be a good show, but it sucks...

hancock 2.5/5 another supper hero movie with the twist. will smith is the only good thing in the movie. I LOVE YOU WILL

meet dave 2.5/5 funny family movie with some dirty jokes
better than eddy's recent ones, but....much worst than his early works

thats all the movies i'd watched so far this summer, i will keep you people updated and posted.
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recommonded summer moives Empty Re: recommonded summer moives

Post  deliccate on Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:43 pm

wow someone's been downloading loads of movies! :P

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