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Post  deliccate on Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:35 am

SKiNG was nice enough to provide some info on fighter skills coming up. This all occurred in Outspark unOfficial IRC Channel:

<SKiNG> any "Fighter" experts here?
<Alektos> Ooooh.
<Seras> xD
What type of fighter?
<IanH> SKiNG, you're playing SoS?
* Alektos not an expert. Points to Seras.
<IanH> Or Fiesta?
<SKiNG> Fiesta
<Seras> Hehehhehe

<Alektos> Seras is a Fiesta fighter.
<IanH> =o
<Alektos> She made a guide for tanking.
<Seras> Warrior :]

<Seras> Bwhahhaha

<Alektos> I'm just a hybrid fighter. XD.

<Seras> Huggles alek
<Waffle-chan> let me hug you, Seras!

* Alektos huggles back.

* Alektos steals Seras. Hides from Waffle.
<Alektos> MINE!

<Seras> So what is it you wish to know SKiNG?
<SKiNG> Is the Shockwave skill available to the public yet?
for fighters
<Alektos> XD. JK.
<Seras> Shockwave?
<Alektos> O.o
<SKiNG> ok guess not haha
<Alektos> Noooo.

<SKiNG> im playing with new skills so im just checking
<Alektos> What does that skill do?
<SKiNG> something cool
<Seras> The only skill that looks like a Shockwave is demorlzing hit
* Alektos is curious.
<Alektos> Lol.

<Seras> and thats a debuff

<lord_alden> Shockwave...I think that's a Korean AoE.

<lord_alden> Don't remember though.

<SKiNG> its not an AOE
its a stun
[19:51] <Seras> semi circle stun range?
<SKiNG> no

<SKiNG> target

<Alektos> Aghhhh. Sking you made me curious.

<SKiNG> lol
* Alektos pounds head on keyboard.
<Seras> no damage? just stun?

<Alektos> Noooooo.

<SKiNG> there's damage

<SKiNG> lots of damage

<Seras> Then its not a skill we have

<lord_alden> SKiNG saying lots of damage means it's pwnsauce.
<Seras> xD
<HaiHane> d00d, stun duration!
stun duration!!
<Seras> Stun duration is the amount of time stun lasts o.o
<lord_alden> Now when he says "Does too much damage" I will be scared.
<SKiNG> let me cehck

<HaiHane> OKAY
<SKiNG> im thinking 3 seconds but i'll check
<HaiHane> !

<lord_alden> Can you use Shockwave and Devastate in the same time period, I wonder.

<HaiHane> skill cooldown duration?
<lord_alden> That'd be useful, hit Deva, then when the duration drops, hit Shockwave to stun the current target.
<SKiNG> 3 seconds
<Seras> That cannot be a skill we have
<HaiHane> what about skill cooldown?
<SKiNG> cool down is 8 seconds

SKiNG: that's pretty much imba
<SKiNG> imba?
<HaiHane> imbalanced
<lord_alden> Can you use it after using Devastate?
<SKiNG> ah

[19:54] <lord_alden> Imbalanced, maybe. Depends on how hardcore you can drop cooldown and raise duration.

<SKiNG> the info im giving you is from the highest level version - level 107

<lord_alden> If you can't induce a lot of cooldown or stun duration then it can't be used to Stun lock really.

[19:56] <HaiHane> then another 3 secs stun
pretty much imba
<SKiNG> the specs can change HaiHane

<HaiHane> okay lol

<SKiNG> but thanks for your input though
<lord_alden> That's why I asked if you can use both Devastate and Shockwave, SKiNG.
<SKiNG> says 702~826 additional damage
<lord_alden> IF so, you could, with max stun duration on Deva, nearly stun lockdown.
<SKiNG> let me try lord_alden
[19:57] <lord_alden> Alrighty.
* lord_alden very good at diagnosing this kind of thing. Did it before.

* Shahared wishes his noob fighter could use devastate
<SKiNG> you can't stack stuns
you would have to wait until stun is gone
[19:58] <lord_alden> That's good...but how about the empowerments on Shockwave?
How much does it decrease cooldown, and increase stun length?
* lord_alden continues to rub chin. Is doing about 6 things at once in addition to this. =P
<Misty-chan> hey, why was lightnings stun effect removed?

<SKiNG> i was able to add 3 seconds on the stun haha

<lord_alden> Holy crap.
[19:59] <SKiNG> cool down is now 5.6
<lord_alden> That's a lot.
<SKiNG> sp consumptionn is -124
<IanH> Can you show us? O.o
<SKiNG> which makes it 124
<lord_alden> Either the cooldown needs to be increased dramatically(I'd say to 12 seconds or so, with a max empower of 3 second cut down)...
...or something.
<HaiHane> are we talking about SOS here?
<lord_alden> Because my god.
<IanH> Fiesta
<SKiNG> +382 dmg
<HaiHane> ah okay
<lord_alden> If you fully empower Shockwave on Duration and Cooldown, you could stun lock.
<SKiNG> i used 20 empowerment points
[20:00] <Seras> Alright back
<lord_alden> By stun lock, I mean, if they land the stun every time, you're not goin anywhere.
<SKiNG> yeah
<lord_alden> Because that's nuts.
<HaiHane> rofl
* lord_alden can hear the PvP imbalance shouts.
<SKiNG> i'll request a fix for that if that happens
<Seras> I admit I've have yet to hear of tha tskill till now
<HaiHane> is there a thing.... like.. stun immunity?
<lord_alden> "Fightur duzznt stawp stunneng, i kant fyte baq".
<Seras> that*
<IanH> =o me and Terran gotta go eat.
<lord_alden> Not so much immunity to date.

<lord_alden> But it doesn't land every time.
<SKiNG> fix would be, 2nd stun, effect is cut in half, 3rd stun, effect cut in half from 2nd
<IanH> btw check your pm sking
<SKiNG> ok
<lord_alden> That would work too SKiNG.
<Misty-chan> Sking
<VanillaKitty> psst Seras...what are they talking about?
<Misty-chan> Give mages a stun when fighitng PvP with thier lightning

<HaiHane> that's almost like zeus
<lord_alden> But that still makes it a pretty awesome attack in PvE.
<Misty-chan> sort of balances it, since right now mages are sort of.. cannond fodder...
<HaiHane> from dota
<Seras> A skill that is not currently out

<lord_alden> Even halving the effectiveness of each successive use, a boss itself would be crippled by that stunning strength.

<SKiNG> doesn't mage have fear?
fear is awesome
<Misty-chan> SKiNG
<Seras> I believe they do
<SKiNG> too bad its not AOE
<Eirlyn> Mages have no fear! We face everything without fear! >D
<SKiNG> lol
<Misty-chan> not all mages are level 60 you know...
<Waffle-chan> please?
<SKiNG> they should be!
<VanillaKitty> lol
<SKiNG> about the Archers
<Seras> xD
<Eirlyn> Sosososo.
<SKiNG> there are other skills not released yet
<lord_alden> Fear is sweet.
Oh snap!
[20:04] <Eirlyn> What would you list as a guild requirement?
<lord_alden> O_o;;;
I just thought of something, SKiNG.

<SKiNG> reason why Archers got the poo end of the stick is the developer thought they were overpowered
they have skills that are in the game but not open
* lord_alden thought that's why Archer's got the shaft, so to speak.

[20:05] <lord_alden> But regarding Fear, with how good Shockwave is, let's say you miss a Shockwave stun, you can then have the mage use Fear, then when the mob comes back, assuming it's a boss fight...
<Allnighte> not to mention a broken lvl 60 skill quest

<lord_alden> ...the fighter can then invoke another Shockwave, if they miss the stun, then use Devastate.
And simply rinse cycle repeat that method.
<SKiNG> there's also 2 other skills for fighter in the same "category"
<lord_alden> Wouldn't that in itself kind of make a high level party nearly untouchable in some standards?
<SKiNG> recovering blow and eradicate
<lord_alden> What do those two do? O_o;
[20:06] <Seras> Wait a sec do you mean eradicate?

<Seras> Now that one ive heard of from other versons

* lord_alden rubs his chin again. Now concentrates efforts on this matter.
<SKiNG> Recovering blow has % to recover hp with every kill
<Eirlyn> -blank stare-
Whaaaat? o_o;;
[20:07] <SKiNG> does 770~906 additional damage - level 119
cool down 7
<Seras> Eradicates a magic / phyical attack riht?
<Eirlyn> lawl typo <3
<Misty-chan> Oh, SKing
<Eirlyn> brb
<Seras> xD
<Waffle-chan> I'm gonna miss you, Eirlyn...
<Misty-chan> I saw a giant black nasty-looking spell
mage spell
what was it?
<lord_alden> Recovering Blow doesn't sound problematic unless the recovered % becomes bugged or is set too high.
<SKiNG> Eradicate says "A magical attack that annihilates your opponent with extreme predjudice" LOL
<lord_alden> Eradicate...does it have any additional effect?
[20:08] <Seras> xD
<SKiNG> 8 second cool down
1294~1522 additional damage
<lord_alden> !!!
<lord_alden> That's quite a bit if it takes into concern base attack powers, the way skills do now.
<SKiNG> let me see if i empower
[20:09] addtional 704 dmg
<Seras> O.O
<SKiNG> 111 consumption
<lord_alden> ...that's a frickin lot.
<SKiNG> 5.6 cool down
<lord_alden> Geez!
<Seras> And I people thought warriors were underpowered
<lord_alden> O_o;
<SKiNG> im sure they set the stats at a base and have not been completed yet
<Seras> Crazy skills ._.
[20:10] <lord_alden> I hope so, because the way things are based now, that attack would things in half, really.
* Waffle-chan now understands
<SKiNG> but i haven't even got to the other classes, these might seem overpowered but im sure other classes have ownage
<lord_alden> I'm sure they do too. Hmm.
<SKiNG> vampire strike is already in game right?
for fighter
<lord_alden> Yeah.
<Misty-chan> 111 sp consumption? thats nothing...
<lord_alden> I think it's level 49 for the first instance.
<Misty-chan> um, Sking
[20:11] <SKiNG> yeah
<Misty-chan> Whats the giant black mage spell called, and what does it do?
<SKiNG> let me check
<lord_alden> The SP consumption is low for the enormous damage.
But as I said, as long as it doesn't base off of attack power as hardcore as skills do now, it won't be an issue I think.
<SKiNG> i dont think you would have enough empowerment points
unless you dumped them all to that
[20:12] <lord_alden> Skill Empower Resets. =3
<SKiNG> my pvp works, i wonder if i should go around pking people
<lord_alden> LOL
Wanna duel again like the old days when Motors came around?
<Seras> Now that would be funny xD
<Waffle-chan> what's wrong now?
<SKiNG> lol
you want to fight lord? i can de-level
<TheJello> just kinda laying here
[20:13] <lord_alden> He actually did duel me long time ago. Then put me in prison and KERWHAMMIED.
<TheJello> oops lol
<Misty-chan> Sking
<SKiNG> misty
<Misty-chan> I would like to duel you
<lord_alden> I would gladly duel you again. xD
<SKiNG> what server are you all in?
<Waffle-chan> LOL
<Misty-chan> Apoline
<lord_alden> I'll go to ANY server for this.
<SKiNG> you have a apple character lord?
<lord_alden> Mmhmm.
45 Mage to the maxzord.
<SKiNG> ok
what level are you misty?
[20:14] <Misty-chan> 56
<Seras> I'm in Apple as well. :3
<[GM]MurSheep|BUSY> Misty is that u Sakura?
<SKiNG> cool
<Misty-chan> yes it is
<SKiNG> ok
<[GM]MurSheep|BUSY> o nice
<SKiNG> go to apple if you want to duel
<[GM]MurSheep|BUSY> can u please PM me on forums
<Misty-chan> sure!
<lord_alden> I wonder SKiNG.
<SKiNG> i need character names so i can tele you
<lord_alden> Can you use those express skills even if you delevel?
<Misty-chan> LadyMisty
<SKiNG> yes
<Misty-chan> Lemme logon
<Seras> Do you wish for me to pop up ?
<SKiNG> i can
<lord_alden> It may be useful if you can PvP test them.
<[GM]MurSheep|BUSY> just PM me with hi ehllo etc..
<Seras> Heheh
[20:15] <Misty-chan> manually downloading the patch ^.^
<lord_alden> Alright, one moment then. =P
<SKiNG> i'll use an archer
<lord_alden> lordalden is my ign.
* Misty-chan doesn't see murdock online
<lord_alden> CL, Represent!
[20:16] Just send a new message, type in Murdock misty. =P
<Misty-chan> dang dang dang.. Fiesta, let me on please~~
<lord_alden> He can go ninja-inviso I think.
<Misty-chan> done
[20:17] <[GM]MurSheep|BUSY> k thx

<Seras> My igns Seras if you wish for me to pop up :3
<SKiNG> who's on right now?
<lord_alden> Me! lordalden ign.
<Misty-chan> I'm getting the patches
<Seras> I'm on currently
<Misty-chan> since my Fiesta went haywire on me
<lord_alden> Use me as a testing grounds for PvPing the new skills if you want. XD
[20:19] <SKiNG> seras is ign?

<lord_alden> Seras.
She has a nasty capital letter. =P

<SKiNG> you on yet Misty?
<lord_alden> You're using a space.
You cheater. T_T
<Misty-chan> trying
[20:20] <Seras> oh yea we cannot chat in the zone
<lord_alden> You can whisper.
I think.
<Seras> Alright
[20:21] <HaiHane> Misty-chan
may i have a word with you?
<Misty-chan> yes, sure
<VanillaKitty> hmm
<Misty-chan> SKiNG, I've glitched ='(

[20:22] <Misty-chan> as a result, I'm about to use a slight bug to get around it this time
* lord_alden rubs chin.
<Misty-chan> after I finish talking to murdock
<SKiNG> whats your ign Misty?
[20:23] <lord_alden> Zomg.
Stockings are ftw SKiNG.
<Seras> lol
[20:24] Bah fighter amour looks better then my suit lol :3
[20:25] <lord_alden> Those pots didn't work?
[20:26] <Seras> I'm a human punchng bag
<lord_alden> XD
<Seras> punching*

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