You know u play too much Fiesta when...

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You know u play too much Fiesta when...

Post  lost_dewind on Wed Jan 30, 2008 4:29 pm

You know u play too much Fiesta when...

The most fearful word to heard in public is "buff pls" ... (for a cleric)

When you when your parents play too much when you ask for better clothes on christmas, and they just give you a elrue/lix/xir.

You break the Windows key.

when u ask the guy at the bus station why u are'nt getting teleported to the other city/map.

When your neighbors think you are yelling at someone named "Lag".Especially in kq or gw ~.~

When you bash your pet hamster with a hammer and sit there waiting for green drops.

When you ask your local doctor for a heal and hp buff

When you upgrade your computer to attempt to fight the lag battle.

Take your recently deceased cat into the middle of town and shout 'CAN I GET A RESS HERE PLEASE'

and I acctualy do this ....
Say "lolz" when something is funny in public.
Even though there is rarely any public time lolz.

and u XD ?

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Re: You know u play too much Fiesta when...

Post  Barasuishou on Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:50 pm

going to a bookstore and asking. do you sell scrolls?
when people ask about your job. you reply Im a lvl 66 scout doing decomposition and stone making.
when altering your clothes, you tell the tailor : dont break it please.
doing the dance moves your avatar does when you go clubbing.
going to the pharmacist and asking for HP pots when you feel unwell.
using a customized mushroom tent when you go out camping.
when gathering people for an outing u shout: lvl66 scout looking for party to go to the cinemas!
and saying "thank you for party" at the end of the day.
when in a jewel shop. you ask. do you have +end +spr tk rings?

and sure enough i do say "lol" in public places too.
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