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Event: Decipher the Cipher Empty Event: Decipher the Cipher

Post  deliccate on Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:00 pm

Decipher the Cipher


Are you any good a breaking codes? Are crossword puzzels and ciphers your idea of a good time? Then test your skills and mental prowess when the GM's announce secret codes for the players to solve. Do you have what it takes to Decipher the Cipher?

How to Participate

Log in at the scheduled time. The GM's will anounce three codes at three different times from whe the event starts, along with a hint on how to solve it. The code will translate into instructions. Be one of the first ten players to follow the instructions to win a prize along with a secret word. Better prizes are given the more you paticipate, and at the end of the third round round, all the players who were in the top ten in ANY of the rounds will have a chance for the grand prize if they can figure out the secret phrase.


Particiapte in:
1 round: 1 Silver Lump
2 rounds: 5 Silver Lumps
3 rounds: 1 Gold Lump
Grand Prize: ???

Event Rules and Regulations can be found here:

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