Fajii_Saikoro Hosting OPEN Guild Event

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Fajii_Saikoro Hosting OPEN Guild Event Empty Fajii_Saikoro Hosting OPEN Guild Event

Post  deliccate on Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:16 pm

Fajii_Saikoro Hosting OPEN Guild Event


Due to the success of our guild trial event we are hosting an event open to other guilds.

Today, 4th January, we hosted a guild event for our members. We played hide and seek in Uruga, the first round was a 2 silver entry and all the money collected went to the winner.

It didn't take Allnighte long to find me <.<
He rejected the money and said to play again.

The second round was won by TickleSnow, who won 10 silver.

Third round was funded by the guild masters, prize was 30 silver and was won by TickleSnow AGAIN (even though I ran away from her so she wouldnt see me and win 2 rounds in a row)
She too gave up the prize and opted for another round.

Allnighte too wanted another, super round, and several members donated some money. The prize was 90 silver and a kebing pet, The hider was Allnighte.

After both Path and I found Allnighte at the same time, we decided to have another round, winner takes all.
- I won

So as I couldnt pawn the prize off to my more needy members (they are way too selfless) I have decided to put it in as a donation for the next guild event.

Unfortunately I was using my new laptop and not sure if screenshots had been set up, so i dont have any to post

All guilds are welcome to join in!

We will play hide and seek in Elderine for a minimum of 3 rounds. (Cause I have 3 spots already )

The date and time will be decided between the guild masters of the participating guilds.

If you wish to join in, have your guild masters PM me here, or in game: FlameGirl.

There will an entry fee for all players (yet undecided).

Due to lack of prizes, I think its fair if the guild masters of each guild that wishes to join in donates what they think is fair towards the grand prize.


Since shouting out in elderine is... impossible, it would be nice to have a GM do 'notices' for me to announce when the round have ended and to instruct people on where to go at the end of each round.

The event time and prices have been decided:

Friday 11th at 6pm GMT-7

5 silver entry

Starting at Guard Captain Shutian

PM me here or in game (FlameGirl) if your guild would like to join in
FlameGirl 5X = Joint Leader Of Fajii_Saikoro

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