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Scavenger Hunt #1 Empty Scavenger Hunt #1

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Scavenger Hunt #1
Hello Fiesta Treasure Seekers!

Below you will find information on Fiesta's first of many scavenger hunts. Unlock the clues and you'll qualify for a chance to win awesome prizes! We'll take it easy on you with this first contest; all answers will be screenshots of in-game content. Please review and follow the directions very carefully so your submissions will qualify for the prize. Now for the hunt!

Event Period: January 4, 2008 ~ January 16, 2008
Last day of submission: January 16, 2008
Prize Distribution: Pegasus (30 Days)


1. Dressed in a face off between "Heaven" and "Hell".
2. When the power you hold in your hands has reached its peak.
3. In a group, everyone plays their part.
4. It's 2008 and it's time to PARTAY!!!
5. When you need a make-over, who do you turn to?

Example: Animal with a face like a "bandit's mask".
Answer: Raccoon


* Submissions for each clue must be in a screenshot (press Print Screen)
* Only ONE screenshot per answer (5 total)
* Screenshot must be clear enough for us to verify the answer
* You DO NOT need to purchase anything in order to participate
* Only one submission per user
* Submit your answer to

Images appear in the Fiesta folder in "My Documents," (default location C:\Documents and Settings\outspark\My Documents\Fiesta)

You MUST submit your answers in the following format: (you don't need the brackets)

E-mail Subject: Scavenger Hunt #1 - [Server Name]

Body: [Character Name]

Attachment: 5 screenshots showing the answer to the clues above.


* Pegasus Mount (30 Days)
* 5 qualified submissions will be selected to win at random for each server.

Please note that future scavenger hunts are not limited to just premium items. Expect to see awesome prizes like iPods etc..

Thanks for reading. Good luck and have fun!

-Outspark Staff


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