Costume Ball Dec. 21

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Costume Ball Dec. 21 Empty Costume Ball Dec. 21

Post  deliccate on Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:41 pm

SKiNG says:

Hello Fiesta Players,

Tis’ the season to be PARTYING!!! In celebration of the holidays, we will be throwing a little party with style in Elderine Park; a Costume Ball to celebrate the holiday season and the great events that have past. All players are welcome to attend this wonderful occasion. So come and join us, have a good time, hang out with friends, and maybe make a few more. Since this IS a costume ball, special prizes will be given out randomly to those who arrive in Costume.

There will be more than just dancing at this ball as well. While each event on each server may run a bit different, some things you might see at the ball are:

December 21, 2007
2PM ~ 6PM (PST) (note the times have changed)

The Juice Bar:
What party would be complete without something to quench your thirst? Various refreshments will be available at a reasonable price (don’t forget to tip your server). Look for the special Fiesta Mini-House!

Bobbing for Treasure:
A party classic, adventurers look through treasure chests attempting to find the chest with a prize.

Turkey’s Revenge:
Turkeys are mad and want revenge. They’re tired of being stuffed and kicked around. Be ready to defend yourself against the turkey rampage.

Plus there might be a surprise visit from a familiar old holiday friend.

How to Win
Appear in costume or participate in any of the mini events

Prizes are chosen at the discretion of the Costume Ball Host.

Some prizes you may see are:

Holiday Weapons/Items
Enhancement Stones

Costume Ball Hosts
Teva - [GM]Dakkon, [CM]Vanquish
Apoline - [GM]Steam, [CSR]Cretz
Bijou - [GM]Murdock, [GM]WiLDFiRe (SKiNG)

Rules and Regulations
The decisions of the Costume Ball Host are final.
Rules & Regulations are subject to change with or without prior notice.
Do not interrupt the Costume Ball Host while instructions are being given. Listen carefully to the instructions as they will only be announced once. Players who interrupt the Costume Ball Hose may be disqualified.
Events will continue even if a player is disconnected from the server.
Any player who disrupts the event in any way during the Costume Ball will be disqualified and subject to action based on our ToS.
As always, read the Rules & Regulations for all events.


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Costume Ball Dec. 21 Empty Re: Costume Ball Dec. 21

Post  lost_dewind on Sat Dec 22, 2007 3:30 pm

so how the ball going...?
too early for me><

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