O.o lost combo dairy

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O.o lost combo dairy Empty O.o lost combo dairy

Post  lost_dewind on Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:32 pm

lost combo dairy:

8/12 go to attend zang's combo touturial
a,s,as mindless dash
s,d,sd dragon slayer
a,s,d,d,as blue screen

juz now boring go solo discover:
d,s,a,ad throughout the heaven and earth , i am alone !
a,s,a,a,ad Soul Slayer
ad,a,s,s,d,sd Royal Jelly

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O.o lost combo dairy Empty Re: O.o lost combo dairy

Post  ringeki on Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:01 am

very good lost

try the 12 hits and the 7 hits

12 hits only has one for each class

7 hits has 4.... the final 7 hit combo is stronger then 12 hits

but i can't do that right even once

warrior however will have up to 20 hits combos

they are very powerful with bosses, but still need knight to tank lol

or they have mad good equips with lots of pots
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