Why are we having guild event...?

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Why are we having guild event...? Empty Why are we having guild event...?

Post  lost_dewind on Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:12 pm

Why are we having guild event?

Aim & Purpose...

1. We dont want to create a guild just like a mere name on top of our head, just a tool for guildwar, just a very expensive chat room... for me that will be meaningless, totally meaningless, wasting 300s for adding a name at the top of our char... we want more of it^^

2. We want play a "game" in "game"

3. Playing MMORPG if one just everday online->leveling->offline and so on... i think that will be boring... chatting is ok, but if play a game just lvling and chatting, u can do that also in offline game + msn/chat room, so we want something cool, something fresh...

4. We want some activity(other than grinding or hunting boss) that will unite our guild member, strengthen our team work and so on... well... some ppl maybe feel that ... orgarnize event is so troublesome... go together hunt boss that also called an "guild event" already why so troublesome...? In my opinion that so called guild event is just... lousy... one can hunt a boss without guild already lol...

5. Due to Fiesta is worldwide... u know worldwide =.=... example i live in msia, inoue,_strary_ live in sg, top,jess live in western country(of course there are more guild member lah) so our time will be different... Maybe not all guild member can participate in GM event... it is midnight for me><... maybe that time some are at school/work or sleeping... and they cant participate so... nevermind we organize ourself^^

6. Although our guild is event orriented but real life is much much more important than in game life...
pls dont neglect your schoolworks/ jobs and ur health...even if u r busy for a week cant online we wont ban u if u give reason in advance^^ when u are free to return there will be a "home" in game to welcome u back&^^

E & OE is reserved

till then,

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Why are we having guild event...? Empty Re: Why are we having guild event...?

Post  ~jessica~ on Sun Nov 11, 2007 4:14 pm


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